Mira Introduction

MIRA Introduction…

MIRA is a professional company provides combined services of all skills of working at height and rope access techniques with engineering background and experiences.

MIRA provides rope access services, working at height job safety training courses, NDT Non Destructive Testing applications, installations, inspections, maintenance services in those wide ranges of industrial fields like petroleum refineries, petro- chemistry industry, civil engineering and construction, wind turbines, silos and high storage bins, adventure theme parks.

MIRA is a member of SPRAT (Society of Professionel Rope Access Technicians), IRATA International (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) and TWEA (Turkish Wind Energy Assoociation).

MIRA has the certifications of GWO (Global Wind Organisation) Training Provider, ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001.

MIRA, as the GWO (Global Wind Organisation) Training Provider, has the authority to perform GWO Basic Safety Training (BST) for Wind Turbines and give international GWO certificates. The GWO Basic Safety Training (BST) for Wind Turbines include job safety training modules of Working at Height and Rescue, First Aid, Manual Handling and Fire Awareness. SPRAT and IRATA Rope Access Technician Trainings are also perform in the Turkey's first and only closed Rope Access and Working at Height Training Center in Izmir.

MIRA is the only certified HACA Training Centre in Turkey and authorized to organize HACA Inspection Training in the fields of Turkey and Pakistan.

MIRA is consist of the most experienced and trained technicians of Turkey who have experiences in USA, Canada, UK, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan in different working field with a professional manner and approach to safety.

MIRA provides all the services under the supervision of licensed HSE (Health and Safety Executive) job safety specialist and SPRAT / IRATA L3 Technicians.

MIRA follows the global regulations and technics while providing inspection, maintenance, installation and cleaning services with well experienced and certified (SPRAT, IRATA, GWO) personnel. Also, MIRA purposes to cover participants, who are field workers, HSE (Health and Safety Executive) job safety specialist as well as management, supply chain and planning responsible, about the equipment, methods, risks and realities of the working field by custom designed training due to needs.

MIRA, as a win-win principled company, builds up solution partnerships such as “Max Gear” in Canada, “Access Rescue” in the USA and “HDM Quality Control Technologies and Services” and “İleri Defense, Search & Rescue” in Turkey.

MIRA’s instructors who are globally certified and experienced teach and transmit their applicable skills and know-how with up-to-date equipment and methods. Trainings and courses enable to create awareness, different sight angles and safe working methods for participants.

MIRA provides the following courses and certifications in accordance to the development and progress of the health and safety standards of workers at high constructions, wind turbines, photoelectric solar fields telecommunication towers:
--- Job Safety and Health & Safety Executive Services
--- Working at Height Courses and certification
--- GWO (Global Wind Organization) Working At Height and Rescue Training for wind turbines and certification
--- Rescue Courses (Confined Space, Flood, Lifts etc.)
--- Rope Access Courses (SPRAT, IRATA)