Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines


MIRA provide services for wind power plants starting from the planning stage; for the Wind Power Plant projects, which due to their nature create works at high and hard to reach structures, provide services such as wind measuring pillar erection, maintenance and disassembly and wind turbine blade inspection, repair, maintenance and oil cleaning thanks to its international working at height certificate holding rope access technicians.
Our team, which has worked in wind farms throughout the World and Turkey, follow the wind energy sector’s needs and developments on wind turbines day by day and increase its service quality.

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•   Wind measurement tower erection takes only 3 days as a turn-key project. Wind measurement tower periodical maintenance, part change and disassembly are performed by rope access technicians.

•   Job safety consultancy and training are given before wind turbine erection.

•   Any inspection, repair, disassembly and assembly and cleaning works are offered after wind turbine starts to operate.

Services Perform for Wind Power Plants

•   Internal surface, cable and under platform oil cleaning

•   Outer surface and blade cleaning

•   Nacelle exhaust nozzle cleaning

•   Blade inspection and repair

•   NDT non-destructive testing service

•   Checking, replacement, disassembly and installation services for parts such as lightning rod, signal lamp, cable, cable ladders, life line, ladders

•   Bolt and nut torquing and screw tamping

•   Picture shooting and reporting for insurance in damages, which are under warranty

•   Job safety consultancy and supervision for insurance expert on work at height