Sprat / Irata Rope Access Technician Trainings

Sprat / Irata Rope Access Technician Trainings


SPRAT and IRATA Rope Access Courses

MIRA opens rope access technician courses in accordance with SPRAT and IRATA certification requirements. The candidates who learn industrial needs besides rope manoeuvres used by rope access technicians obtain all their training in such courses from the instructors who are still actively working on the field and at the same time qualified at MIRA’s own closed Working at Hight and Rope Access Training Centre.
MIRA is the most accurate address you may refer to in respect of rope access.

For detailed information PLEASE CONTACT US.

For our rope access technicians courses please follow that:

SPRAT: https://sprat.org/training

IRATA: https://irata.org/training_courses

and MIRA Rope Access Facebook page.

SPRAT and IRATA Rope Access Training Facility

MIRA Training Facility is the first and only most comprehensive training facility currently existing in the country with its escape platforms suitable for any manoeuvre related with Rope Access and Working at Height, air conditioned seminar room, 500 square meters closed space with resting room and 12 metres ceiling height. Since it allows any training, MIRA gives all of its trainings in its Working at Height and Rope Access Centre in Izmir.

SPRAT and IRATA Certification System

SPRAT (The Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians) and IRATA International (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) are basically non-profit organisations which determines standards for the technicians and rope access companies in respect of rope access.
Rope access certification is formed of three basic levels and each level increase is certified with a registered course ledger.
The technicians who take Rope Access Worker (Level 1, L1), Leader Technician (Level 2, L2) or Rope Access Supervisor (Level 3, L3) courses hold an internationally recognised certificate granted by an independent evaluator at the end of the course.


--- SPRAT www.sprat.org
SPRAT Society of Professional Rope Acess Technicians
994 Old Eagle School Road, Suite 1019, Wayne, PA 19087-1866
610.971.4850 - 610.971.4859
--- IRATA International www.irata.org
IRATA International Industrial Rope Access Trade Association
First Floor, Unit 3, Eurogate Business Park, Ashford
Kent, TN24 8XW
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1233 754 600 Fax: +44 (0)1233 754 601

SPRAT and IRATA Rope Access Instructors

Despite the fact that all instructors are very successful instructors, they continuously work in the field. This theoretically and practically increases the quality of the training given by MIRA seeing the needs of the industry. The instructors have gained their experience by working thousands of hours in numerous locations and various works throughout the world and think that it is ethical to share this knowledge.
MIRA instructors care that the training given by them to be professional, calm, understanding and ethical. MIRA instructors have not established their Rope Access training not only with economic concerns.


Rope Access is an efficient method defined as a technique for reaching to points which are dangerous to access or expensive to access with classical methods, by using special rope techniques and to perform the duties assigned.
Such technique allows control, maintenance and repair works of the structures, risky installations at height and performance of works at hard to access points in sites where slopes are problematic in a fast, safe and economic manner.


--- SAFETY --- 
Works at height, works which contain vital risk when they are tried to be performed with traditional working techniques may be performed in a safe and extremely productive manner.
--- SPEED ---
Rope access is a rapid solution which may not be compared with erecting scaffold to reach to a point or constructing permanent structural solutions. MIRA Rope Access specialists may start working at the moment of arriving to work site without any need for any infrastructural preparation and without detailed and long preliminary preparation works.
--- ECONOMY ---
Our Industrial Mountaineering service is able to solve the problem with a speed which sometimes equals to 1/20 of traditional methods. When our capacity to offer package solutions which do not require expensive practices and preparations are added to time saving at this impressive rate, unrivalled financial facilities arise at risky and hard to access regions.


- Installation, Maintenance and Repair of Wind Turbines
- Construction and Maintenance of Skyscrapers and Tall Structures
- Slope and Occupational Safety Practices in Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant Constructions
- Highway and Railway Constructions
- Industrial Plants, Refineries, Towers, Chimneys, Heating and Power Plants
- Power Transmission Lines
- Erosion, Avalanche and Landslide Regions
- Rescue and Occupational Safety Services

For detailed information, you can contact with MIRA from info@mira-ra.com or by phone.

--- FAQ for SPRAT and IRATA Courses :
Q: Do I need to have previous experience?

No, you do not need to have previous experience. If you have no health problems and you are in good form that means you have no obstacle to obtain rope access course.

Q: Where can I stay in İzmir Menderes?

MIRA may not provide accommodation right now. It is recommended for you to contact with hotels in Izmir Gaziemir and accommodate accordingly.

Q: Where is the course given?

SPRAT and IRATA courses are given at MIRA Work at Height Job Safety and Rope Access Training Centre in Izmir, Turkey.

Q: Do I need to rent a car?

No, there is no problem to be experienced regarding transportation to MIRA from Gaziemir or Izmir centrum.

Q: Who conducts the exam at the end of the course?

The evaluations at the end of the course are conducted by evaluators independent from MIRA.

Q: What happens if I fail at the test?

The fate of failing at the courses opened by MIRA and in case of failure MIRA repeats the course and you may pay again exam fee. The details of such information are given at the beginning of the course.

Q: Does MIRA include the successful ones to its organisation at the end of the course?

Even though MIRA does not basically promise, it prefers to employ with persons who passed from its own course chain and basic trainings.

Q: What should I do before the course?

If you take care of your health for a couple of weeks before the course and intensify your training program, you will be more comfortable during the course. Besides, you do not need anything other than seasonal comfortable clothing and a clean towel and sports shoes.

Q: I have other questions; with whom should I contact?

It will be enough to send an e-mail info@mira-ra.com for direction to experienced technicians and instructors of MIRA.