Rope Access Services

Rope Access Services


MIRA offers rope access and industrial services for works to be performed at high and deep points where it is impossible to reach with traditional methods such as scaffold and crane.

MIRA being actively operated in several sectors such as oil refineries, natural gas plants, petro-chemistry industry, construction sector, wind turbines, silos and adventure and amusement parks completes several various works such as rope access, work at height, NDT non-destructive testing, assembly and installation, supervision, maintenance and repair in safe, fast and quality manner.

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Why Rope Access? the answer would be safe, fast, quality and economic.

Rope access is safe, because, all works are performed by rope access technicians who hold international work at height certificates; unqualified worker is not engaged in the works. Thus, zero occupational accident principle is protected; the projects are not left unfinished.

Rope access is fast, because, safety lines which should be laid and safety measures which should be taken for works to be performed at hard to reach and dangerous regions are included in basic training of rope access technicians; the work is commenced without any need for a second team.

Rope access is quality, because, rope access technicians who are absolutely master of work at height safety equipment and who has no problem with the sense of space, are highly trained personnel who follow developments in the sector, search the particulars of the work; they don’t perform their works hastily.

Rope access is economic, because, transportation to the site, ground preparation, assembly and installation before work and disassembly and deconstruction and extraction after work are not needed unlike traditional crane and scaffold methods used for working at height. Since it does not cover space on the ground, the works of other teams are not interrupted.


MIRA has provide rope access services for various lines of work such as energy, construction, telecommunication and entertainment sector, in many countries such as the USA, Canada, England, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kirgizstan and Pakistan. This organisation where the most experienced rope access technicians gather in working at height occupational safety field offers FAST, SAFE, QUALITY and ECONOMIC SOLUTIONS.

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Where does the rope access perform?

Tall buildings which are regularly used such as skyscrapers, shopping malls, hotels, business centres, public buildings, tall buildings purchase rope access services for cleaning, glass wiping, painting, isolation, repair and maintenance works to be performed at wide internal and external fronts, high ceiling and roofs.

Assembly and disassembly of equipment such as special light and sound systems, sound isolation, sound absorbing panel, camera, stage installation and disassembly, installation of special effects set ups such as flying effect at organisation locations such as stadiums, concert halls, theatres, open air concert and show stages are the works which may be performed by rope access technicians.

Publicity firms, wedding and meeting organisers, purchase rope access services for works to be performed at height such as banner hanging, billboard installation, external front coating, glass surface coating, décor hanging, lighting and speaker installations.

For tourism sector, amusement parks, hotels, aqua parks, national parks, nature conservation parks purchase consultancy services from rope access technicians in order to ensure safety of their customers and visitors while they entertain themselves.

Damage estimation, repair, painting, slope explosive placement, landslide risk estimation, slope cleaning against rock fall, steel net installation for highways, railways, dam constructions, mining enterprises, bridges and viaducts are performed by rope access technicians.

Wind measurement tower erection at the locations where wind farms are planned to be installed for Wind Power Plants takes only 3 days with rope access techniques. The maintenance and disassembly of wind measurement towers are performed by rope access technicians. After the turbine starts to operate, internal and external surface grease cleaning, blade inspection and repair, control, replacement, disassembly and assembly services for parts such as lightning rod, signal lamp, cable, cable stairs, lifeline, ladders are performed by rope access technicians.

NDT Non-destructive testing service, chimney cleaning, pipe isolation repair, pipe, valve, signal lamp, lightning rod, vertical and horizontal lifeline replacement and assembly and disassembly works for oil refineries and petro-chemistry plants are rapidly performed with rope access techniques under working at height and job safety rules.

Steel construction assembly, electricity, water, ventilation installation pipes assembly, roof membrane coating, external front coating, painting works at buildings with high and wide ceilings and roofs such as steel construction structures namely, telecommunication stations, wind measurement towers, stadiums, shopping malls, hotels, concert halls are works where rope access technicians work.

Consultancy, inspection, design and assembly services for each sector and building which needs lifeline and safety net are rendered by rope access technicians.

Working at height job safety training may be defined basically as parachute type safety belt decking, recognising, using and performing maintenance of the safety equipment, vertical and horizontal lifeline using rules. As for the advanced level, descending with rope, climbing the rope and rescue manoeuvres may be listed. All working at height trainings are instructed by rope access technicians holding international certificates.