Non-Destructive Testing

Non-Destructive Testing / NDT


MIRA offers NDT Non-Destructive Testing services and certification works like strength, integrity, impermeability, tightness which need to be performed without causing any damage in order to supervise the qualities of the materials, parts or whole structures which are at high or deep locations to where normal access methods are not possible.

-    NDT Non-Destructive Testing services work may be performed individual or periodical by MIRA team.

-    Safe access for Non-Destructive Testing NDT specialists who are employed within your company to locations with danger of falling may be provided.

-    Working at height job safety training in consideration of a certificate may be given to your company personnel for situations which require daily control and periodical repetitions of such training may be performed.

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--- Methods of NDT Non-Destructive Testing

MIRA provide NDT Non-Destructive Testing services in manufacturing, construction and service processes in numerous industry branches thanks to improved, specialised inspection and test techniques like traditional NDT Non-Destructive Testing methods such as visual inspection, liquid penetration test, magnetic particle test, ultrasonography inspection, radiographic inspection, Eddy Current electromagnetic induction test, inspection via phased array method and vortex currents test.

Industrial plants/sectors for which we render services:

-   Petro-chemistry Plants
-   Oil Refineries
-   Power Plants
-   Wind Turbines
-   Construction Sector
-   Pipelines
-   Iron-Steel Plants
-   Metal Manufacturing and Steel Construction Sector
-   Mining Sector
-   Transportation and Infrastructure Sector
-   Food Sector

Gas/Oil Pipelines Welding Seams Inspections

-   Automated ultrasonic inspection (Rotoscan, TOFD)
-   Manual ultrasonic inspection
-   Radiographic inspection (X-Ray Crawler)
-   Liquid penetration inspection
-   Magnetic particle inspection

Inspection for Corrosion in Pipe Systems

-   Inspection of pipe systems with two ends closed from the external surface (Pipe-Scanner AndHorse Shoe Pipe Scanner)
-   External surface inspection of hard to reach pipes (Guided Waves) (Lorus)
-   Internal inspection of pipes which are impossible to be inspected from the external surface and with one unlockable end (Pipe Inspection Tools-PIT)
-   Inspection of isolated pipes (without removing isolation material) (Guided Waves and Incotest)

- Storage Tank Inspection

Cylindrical Storage Tanks

-   Corrosion detection under API 653 standard at side parts and ceiling sheets (Beetle-3 and Beetle-4)
-   100% Corrosion detection under API 653 standard at side first part sheets (Wall scanner)
-   Corrosion detection from outside without emptying the tank at tank floor sheets (Lorus)
-   100% Corrosion detection at tank floor sheets (Floor scanner and Mini Floor scanner) (Slofec)
-   Tank floor sheets welding seams impermeability control (Vacuum Test)
-   Tank floor sheets welding seams inspection after repair (Magnetic Particle Inspection)

Global Storage Tanks

-   Corrosion detection at global tank feet through the concrete around (Incotest
-   Corrosion inspection from outside without emptying the tank at global tank body sheets (Map scan)
-   Global tank body welding seams inspection from outside without emptying the tank (TOFD)
-   In & Out inspection of global tank body welding seams after the tank is emptied (Magnetic Particle Inspection)

Underground Storage Tanks

Preventive and predictive inspections are implemented after preliminary inspection performed at underground tanks depending on the customer’s request with the aforementioned appropriate specialised industrial or traditional NON-DESTRUCTIVE TESTING techniques.

Harbour Dock Pillars

-   Corrosion detection inspection on dock pillars at the parts on and under the water (Incotest)

Pressure Pots

-   Corrosion measurement in pressure pots (Map scan)
-   Pressure pot welding seams (TOFD)

Blast Furnaces

-   Detection of cracks, corrosion defects arisen in Blast Furnaces due to different thermal loads and working environments (Lorus)
-   Corrosion detection on furnace side walls through refractor material in melting furnaces (Incotest)

Heat Changer

-   Permeability defects detection arisen in heat changers (Helium impermeability test)
-   Corrosion and quantity of corrosion detection arisen in heat changers (Vortex currents inspection)
Steam Turbines
-   Cracks detection on machinery assisting the turbine such as steam turbine rotors, turbine blades and compressors.
Food Industry Centrifuge Tumblers
-   Periodical maintenance inspections for centrifuge tumblers used in Food Industry (Industrial Radiographic Inspection), (Liquid Penetration Inspection)