Confined Space Emergency Rescue Trainings

Confined Space Emergency Rescue Trainings

MIRA Training Centre organise Safe Work in Confined Space and Rescue Trainings.
The content of this trainings covers emergency response action and stretcher rescue techniques and also can be regulated according to the needs of a specific line of work and/or for a unique work place.

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MIRA - GWO Training Facility

MIRA - GWO Training Facility is the first and only most comprehensive training facility currently existing in the country with its escape platforms suitable for any manoeuvre related with Rope Access and Working at Height, air conditioned seminar room, 500 square meters closed space with resting room and 12 metres ceiling height. Since it allows any training, MIRA gives all of its trainings in its Working at Height and Rope Access Center in Izmir.

For every line of work, it is deemed that the danger of injury, disability and death depending on risk of falling on the moment that the feet off the ground. Acquiring fall protection and fall arrest systems, personal protective equipment (PPE), labour safety clothing and equipment into the inventory is not sufficient; how such materials shall be used, must also be taught to the employees. It is not necessary for the companies, which their employees have acquired working at height and job safety training to be afraid of.
The workers in construction companies, employees of telecommunication companies who shall perform cell tower installation and pillar constructions, labourers in energy sector who shall work at wind turbines, hydroelectric dams, natural gas cycle plants, employees of oil refineries and petro-chemistry plants, cleaners who shall wipe skyscraper windows for cleaning companies, basically anyone who works at height are required to learn the basic rope techniques which they shall use with job safety equipment. They need to learn how to rescue themselves and their friends in case of an accident. They should be trained regarding emergency escape manoeuvres in case of catastrophes such as fire.
Theoretical and practical training such as rope access techniques, rescue and emergency escape are given by instructors who hold SPRAT and IRATA certificates, at the Turkey’s first and only closed Working At Height Job Safety and Rope Access Training Center in Izmir. When required, training exercises are performed at the sites and facilities of the company.