The perspective of MIRA

The perspective of MIRA


Being MIRA means being more than a company but also having a vision which is naturally filtered from being on the side of progression. Being MIRA is to be rapidly reactive for the targets together with the company partners as well as the customers.

Vision is the tender and conscious to catch up the future’s reality.

Vision is not just a dream or an impossible miracle. Vision is to analyze the present, feel then potential and predict the future.
Our purpose is to work for realizingour vision as a result of our confidently run by organizing our team to turn our vision into a mission. Our goal is to work for realizing in a restless manner, by assisting the ones who are in intimidation.


To be the Turkey’s the most reliable and the unique example, with the effort for definite satisfaction and pleasure for our customers and workers by providing services with the up-to-date technologies and innovation.


To be a reliable, progressive and successful company which rises in accordance to the vision and continuousprogression, without sacrificing our values and quality by pulling out all the stops for a common profit.


1. Working hard and effectively.
2. To be positive, reliable, confident, and stable.
3. Working customer and result- oriented
4.To be determine.
5. To set new goals and realize the targets.
6. To have indulgence.
7. To be aware of the responsibilities.
8. Never give up team working.
9. To be open to development and positive changes.
10. Saving free time for ourselves.


1. No personal requests from the customers which
2. Never accept any risky condition for the clients and workers.
3. Never share any data with the third parties without permission. Never permit any discussion and/or comments on the confidential information of the company.
4. Protect the interests and benefits of the company, work for increasing the value of the company.
5. To be honest, disciplined, self-giving and hardworking.
6. Never let any intersections of company interests and personal interests.
7. Be very precious of consuming the company sources effectively; never waste sources; never use or consume company resources for personal benefit and avoid the examples.
8. To be responsible to customer problems and feedbacks, try to build up a fiduciary relationship with the customers.
9. Obey legal regulations and laws.
10. To be clear and open to customers about the rights and obligations, risks and benefits for the provided services or goods.
11. Provide proper conditions to all inbound technicians and workers.
12. To be fair, equal and lawful to all the technicians in their career, education, employment and accession.
13. To be precious to keep the correct number of technicians employees, and obey the working hours and shifts.
14. To organize paid annual leaves for every single employees.
15. To instruct the inbound workers and technicians about the corporate principles and support internalizing and obeying the principles.


1. Raise the quality on rope access
2. Raise the quality on working at height.
3. Recover the MIRA’s infrastructure and full complements.
4. Support MIRA Technicians to gain and verify the certifications and technical capacity.


1. Provide a reliability based market recognition of the company at home and globally.
2. Customer satisfaction for every service.
3. Keep the training center’s competence.
4. Keep the profitableness steady.