MIRA provides turnkey erection, repair and maintenance and disassembly services for wind measurement towers . Thanks to its international rope access certificate holder and experienced in wind power sector team, MIRA guarantees collecting data at the end of 3rd day from your wind measurement tower.

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Our staff formed of rope access technicians who performed over 100 cage pillar assembly, disassembly and maintenance for every wind farm in Turkey, is specialised in wind measurement tower erection. Our team, who regularly updates their information on rope access techniques and follows the developments in Wind Power Plant sector, will complete the works you require for wind measurement towers in a safe, fast and quality manner.

--- Our Turn-Key Wind Measurement Tower Erection Services

-    Wind measurement tower supply
-    Foundation laying and anchorage points
-    Cage pillar erection
-    Anemometer installation
-    Direction sensor
-    Lightning rod installation
-    Warning lamp installation
-    Heat sensor installation
-    Heating systems assembly
-    Solar panel assembly
-    Periodical maintenance
-    Malfunction detection and repair
-    Cable replacement
-    Steel line replacement
-    Summer-Winter maintenance
-    Disassembly